On the Wintry Beach

I stand in awe on the

wintry beach,

Safe beyond shattering waves’

wild reach.

Blasts of lake wind throw

waters high.

Watery, spraying tendrils fall with

hissing sigh.

Between us tumbled waves lie in a

frozen pile,

Icy mountains shielding me from their

ally’s guile.

Their only success?  Tears pulled down

reddened cheeks,

Joining other ice crystals beneath

my feet.

A cardinal bobs wildly on the

swaying tree.

Blood-spot in white beckoning for…


He of wind, wave, drops governs

cold’s fate;

Messengers of love, even protectors from

death’s gate.

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  1. Keith Wing March 16, 2011 at 8:16 pm #

    Barry, I work in the nuclear industry and the consequences of Fukushima are yet to be realized and fully known. However, the worst possible disaster in human endeavor is nothing compared to that great day of audit when we will hear either “depart from me into the lake of everlasting fire” or “well done good and faithful servant”. If I stood on the brink of a melting fuel bundle in Japan, it might give me a glimpse of that precipice of burning eternity reserved for Satan and his followers. Each Lord’s Day, I have that very same glimpse of the gathering of the covenant people seeking to glorify the King and Lord of all. The Lord’s Day is our delight!

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