Bloodlines: Race, Cross, and the Christian

In this deeply personal and biblically charged message, John Piper reflects on the Gospel and its bearing on racism.  I’m tempted to say more, but sometimes fewer words are better.  You can find it here.

If listening to mp3 messages isn’t part of your daily or weekly diet, watch this fairly brief documentary by John Piper.  It addresses the same topic and is superb.

Just start it.  See if you can pull away.

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  1. Tim Bloedow December 7, 2011 at 2:51 pm #

    I listened to the whole message, and it was good and on point, but I keep hearing the subject of racism constantly come up in the U.S. with an intensity of passion, and I’m trying to understand why it is still so important for some Christians to go way back in the past to try to deal with attitudes and issues from there, instead of moving on… If there are immediate concerns, deal with them. Why does Piper have to make such an issue of attitudes in the past that he’s dealt with that didn’t have overt public outworking? Do Christians have to wear prior struggles with pornography or domestic conflict on their sleeves? Or pick another sin? Racism seems to endender passion still among some Christians beyond any other sins and I’m not clear why, but most people seem afraid to ask the question because to ask it is to be viewed as insensitive or worse.

    Piper and others I’ve heard also insist on making the point that it’s not a Democrat or Republican issue because both political sides have guilt on racism. No doubt, but Dem and GOP are hardly accurate representations of “left” and “right” anymore anyway. And even though there may be racist attitudes among conservatives, the way racism expresses itself is very diff. by those with diff. worldviews. Socialism and the social welfare state promote other principles of dependency that disproportionately keep blacks down in the US and aboriginals in Canada.

    More could be said, but my caution is with treating racism as a sin disrproportionate in seirousness from other sins without justifying why one thinks this is necessary. A racist is an idiot, but an abortionist is a killer, for example. But maybe that’s just me as a Canadian talking. But also as one who is today celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary with my black wife from Trinidad & Tobago (and being a dedicated libertarian/recon Christian conservative), I keep wanting to tell people who want to obsecse about historic racism to move on… move on…

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