9.5 Ounces

Watch the video below of how a baby born at just 24 weeks and weighing 9.5 ounces (“less than a can of pop” as the report states) has survived and been sent home.  Then:

  • be moved by the care and technology God has given man to rescue and promote life;
  • marvel over how a secular show such as ABC’s Good Morning America praises this event;
  • meditate on how the Bible consistently commands us to have regard for our actions on the unborn and coming generations;
  • mourn that children this age and size are having their lives regularly taken by abortion;
  • mark the horrible irony of our president calling evil good by saying abortion helps daughters fulfill their dreams;
  • be mindful of how the Lord’s wrath is stirred against nations when the innocent are murdered (Psalm 94);
  • and make an effort today in action and/or prayer toward seeing all children reach 9.5 ounces and beyond.


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