Busy Thoughts

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written here on Gentle Reformation…like most times when I let my commitments slide, I have a bag full of excuses hiding around here somewhere. But they all really boil down to busyness. When life gets this busy and my schedule seems to control me rather than the other way around, here are some things God teaches me.


Pride. I’m less important than I think I am. There’s often a direct connection between my busyness and pride, as each line on my to-do list makes me feel a little more important. The longer the list, the greater my temptation to find my identity in my work or in other people’s need of me instead of in Christ alone.


Discipleship. I need to follow Christ’s example in striving to raise up more laborers in the kingdom. That Jesus spent so much time and effort preparing his apostles to lead and serve his church is not only amazing and humbling but also instructive. It’s far too easy for me to want to do everything, forgetting that the best leaders equip and enable others to joyfully serve Jesus with their talents. Of course there are things I’m not allowed to delegate, but there is a whole church here full of people who want to serve Jesus. Is my busyness keeping others from serving Jesus well?


Effectiveness. That’s the one word I’ve been asking from God more and more lately. According to God’s providence, one of our elders prayed last Sunday during worship for the same thing for my work and ministry. I find myself longing for more effectiveness in my work. Some of that has to do with working more skillfully and wisely, but ultimately it has to do with the Spirit blessing the ministry of His Word in the lives of his people.


Sacrifice. Although I’m never called to sacrifice my family on the altar of ministry, I am called to sacrifice myself on that altar. If I lose my “me time”, if I need to work late to get the sermon finished, if there are times when what I have to do trumps what I want to do…is that so bad? Isn’t that part of the cross I’m called to carry as I follow Jesus? I understand the need for pastors to be well-rounded and rested, to have hobbies and healthy recreation. But I also understand that ministry is inherently sacrificial; if it were otherwise, how could it glorify the one who gave the greatest sacrifice?


What spiritual lessons does God teach you during busy times?


  1. just1sojourner October 3, 2012 at 1:21 pm #

    I am smiling at your question because God has really been at work in my life lately to teach me about priorities and trusting in His provision. ALL of the busy stuff that I do will be burned up except that which is true Kingdom work.

    People are more important than projects. People know when you are not giving them your full attention. People know when you are distracted by your busyness. People know when you are on the computer and feigning interest during a phone call. People know when you are anxious about getting back to your project. In recognizing that, I have come to the understanding that God will provide whatever I need regardless of my stress and fussing over projects. In the meantime, He has provided an opportunity to minister to a real live person who needs another real live person who is giving their full attention and love to the situation at hand. So now I step away from any device with an on/off button when I am on the phone. If anything else has to get put on the back burner, I need to adjust. I will simply leave that in God’s divine and loving hands. He will either provide the time I need to accomplish it or not. If not, then He has other plans for me. He knows how much I love taking a nap in the middle of the day, and He knows that my yard is full of weeds, and He knows that I have grocery shopping to do and a project I want to finish. That’s my personal spiritual lesson. I have learned that I need to adjust to the needs of the live person that God has brought to me at any moment in time and that He is the one who has cultivated the fruit of the Spirit in me just for that very purpose. ~ Jude~

  2. alcoramdeo October 9, 2012 at 4:14 pm #

    Brother Jared, posts like this one make any wait to hear from you well worth the time. Thank you.

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