The Blog to End All Blogs? A Post-Election Plea

Many thanks to Barry York, James Faris and Nathan Eshelman – and by extension to Dr. Joel Beeke! – for your heartfelt articles pertaining to the national elections (forgive me if I missed any authors!).  Thanks for being willing to step into the virtual minefield of this volatile topic with  the courage of your convictions as well as the kindness and humility which demonstrate your sincere love for Christ and desire to serve Him.  Thanks for leading by example in ensuring that Gentle Reformation is able to address fiery topics with the fruit of the Spirit.

Now that the election is over, may I encourage each of us who has benefitted from these blogs and spent time reading, blogging, posting, pinging and twittering to convert much of our time in social media to praying from our hearts and to working with our hands.  I’m not at all minimizing the value, indeed the necessity, of such online conversations.  My blog is not meant to discourage blogging – I recognize the big potential for irony and hypocrisy here!  I only mean to encourage us to always go beyond blogging.  The day about which we’ve debated is done, and there is so much work yet to do, particularly in defending the most defenseless among us.  The voiceless and voteless unborn did not fare well in Tuesday’s elections.

Please remember that if statistics hold true in our country, some two thousand more of these precious people will die by the end of this day, or whatever day you read this.  Whatever our respective convictions with regard to politics, let us be sure to be active in ways which will actually touch and Lord willing even rescue these tiny image bearers.  Their lives, no matter how long in this world, are powerful praises of the glory and goodness of our God.  Let us minister to their moms as well!  These ladies and young ladies are so often the victims of lies regarding the life they hold within them.  When the truth about abortion hits their hearts, it hits hard.  And let us minister to the dads who helped make these children, some of whom have little say in whether their children live or die.  Let us be there for the families of the dads who do not want to be there themselves.

The King whom the nations must worship is the Defender of the fatherless and widow, the One who took babes in His arms and blessed them.  Blogging is one means of serving Him, but let us ever move beyond blogging in our efforts to minister His loving care – especially to those for whom our society seems to care less and less.  May God grant our nation repentance unto life, and unto long  lives for these little ones!  And may He do so by the loving labors of those who confess Christ as King of the nations!


  1. Theresa Bloom November 7, 2012 at 1:23 pm #

    Thanks for these words and this urging. I’m not sure if many Gentle Reformation readers already have local outlets through which to put their hands to work, but I’d encourage those who are passionate about ending abortion in this country to check out plan of The Morning Center, Our family has been praying for the work this group is doing and we’re excited to see how God uses them to change hearts — and to provide real help for the mothers who have been bombarded by the lies of the culture.

  2. Jonathan Manring November 7, 2012 at 9:08 pm #

    Thank you for this post. Many seem to have forgotten these little victims, who actually die at a rate closer to 3,500 per day in our country. People, get involved in local crisis pregnancy centers, protest outside of clinics, join Students for Life (or start one) if you’re a student, or look up Right to Life and find out how you can be involved with their work. There are many, many ways to stand up for the defenseless. If the church will only stand up, abortion will end in this country. Let’s make sure that things like this never happen again:

  3. Jeff Kessler November 8, 2012 at 8:58 am #


    Thanks for the post and the call to work.

    May I suggest the church consider a bigger picture as we contemplate the work to be done post-election?

    While we oppose abortion due to the 6th commandment, we also live in a world drowning in the sin of covetousness. The left wins elections due in large measure to class warfare. In my opinion, the church does (not that there is not more to be done) a far better job opposing abortion than envy. Our teaching on the importance of not just work, but wealth creation is not our strong point. 2000 babies murdered a day is a sign of a cursed culture, but so is $16,000,000,000,000 of debt and the increase of food stamp recipients from 19 million to 43 million in the past three plus years.

    Now to attempt to make this case stronger, I’d like to link socialism to abortion. As I understand it, the number one characteristic of socialism is central planning (wealth redistribution being a close second). Central planning, among other things, is an attempt to play God. That never goes well (think about Medicare’s fiscal problems for just one example). When resources are misallocated and become scarce, central planners never admit failure. Instead there is the attempt to decrease demand, which always involves killing off people. Proponents of abortion, euthanasia, zero population, etc. are almost always Marxists, communists, or socialists of some stripe. The church used to oppose these philosophies. I’m afraid we don’t much any more.

    On the flip side, does the church promote free market capitalism? Which as I understand it, is just submitting to God’s Providence in the economic arena. Do we not believe it, or are we embarrassed by it? I fear our young are becoming sympathetic to a “baptized” brand of socialism. From the things I read, Shane Claiborne and others have quite an influence.

    Just for the record, and so everyone knows my lack of qualification, I’m not an economist. In fact, I’ve never spent a single day in a college classroom.

    “The more the plans fail, the more the planners plan.” Ronald Reagan

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