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Following the tragedy in Newtown, the debate about guns and their control rages on.  Believers should meditate on the law of God and exercise the fruit of the Spirit so as to offer commentary and make decisions that function as salt and light.  Sadly, current discussions err far too often in one of two ways, offering sugar or flames instead.  Sample the following and perhaps offer other examples with the appropriate “label” in the comment section, asking the Lord to help you to achieve wisdom in this matter.

Sugar – Though I’m all for mama bears protecting their cubs, too often it seems that women are encouraged to crusade via a sentimentality that fails to weigh appropriately the depravity of the human heart.  One Million Moms 4 Gun Control borrows the old, tired formulas of other social movements to try to influence gun control legislation.

Flames – I do not care for the snobby positions of Piers Morgan.  Yet Alex Jones’ appearance on his show recently shows how unattractive a vitriolic approach to the second amendment is.  Yuck!

Salt – This article by Douglas Wilson gives a Biblical defense for gun ownership in a balanced way, offering “an apple pie approach — a red-checked tablecloth, and a Winchester over the fireplace.”  The last paragraph uses strong imagery for federal officials overreaching in their desire to control society, but seems deserved given the level of arrogance and hypocrisy coming from Washington.

Light – Ryan Boomershine, father and headmaster of a Christian school in Nashville, had his wife call him last week to tell him thieves had just entered their home mid-morning by knocking on the door and holding a gun to their ten-year old boy’s head.  What follows is a remarkable story of God’s providence and a reminder of the One who is ultimately in control of every trigger.  Be sure to watch the son’s interview on the link, as he hopes for the thieves’ repentance (HT: Tim Challies).


  1. Jeff Kessler January 9, 2013 at 1:35 pm #

    Gun control is a big enough topic to take up by itself. However, I think we miss the point a bit if we do. Freedoms tend to come and go, generally speaking, as a package deal. Literally as I write this, I heard a clip from the Vice President suggesting the President will use executive orders to implement gun control. That should send chills up the spine of even those who want more gun control. If he thinks he can do it with guns, why not religious freedom too?

    In an era of a socialist President, ObamaCare/Hobby Lobby, class warfare (“the rich need to pay their fair share”), mind-blowing and immoral levels of debt, some level of increased gun control would logically follow. I hope it concerns us. Yes, I even hope it causes some level of righteous anger, but it is not a surprise.

  2. Jeff Kessler January 11, 2013 at 2:34 pm #

    More Piers Morgan, but the guest is no Alex Jones. A sharp young conservative from Breitbart News, Ben Shapiro.

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