Some Long Overdue Audio Picks

  • For an engaging and lively discussion on church polity (don’t worry, you won’t fall asleep… I think), check out the following 9 Marks panel discussion, Polity Is For Everyone.
  • When I heard that James White and N.T. Wright were going to be discussing the subject of justification, I did a somersault (Or maybe I just quickly right-clicked my mouse on the download button).  Either way, I was thrilled with the prospects of hearing these two engage the subject.  And you should be too!  It is the February 9th episode of Unbelievable.   
  • Reformed Forum recently interviewed Melissa Kruger, author of the book The Envy of Eve: Finding Contentment in a Covetous World.  Covetousness is rarely discussed in our culture, but in this discussion, the subject is helpfully dissected.  It is both insightful and convicting, so beware my fellow materialistic Americans.  
  • Lastly, it would be nearly a crime not to draw attention to Piper’s farewell sermon.  After having served so faithfully, and after having had such a profound impact on so many lives (myself certainly included), I happily and heartily recommend his sermon.  The message is entitled, “God Raised Your Great Shepherd From The Dead.”
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