Gospel Coalition: National Conference

Gospel CoalitionTalk about bursting at the seams!  This year’s Gospel Coalition National Conference will make a glutton out of your ears.  The sheer range of topics is astonishing.  Workshops alone tickle the fifty mark.  Plenary messages land somewhere in the mid teens.  I can’t imagine someone walking away from the vast range of choices muttering, “Meh.” 

Here’s the entire list.  Check it out.

As for a sampling of initial recommendations, consider the following:

The Biblical Basis for Missions: Treasure in Jars of Clay, D.A. Carson

Panel Discussion: Did Jesus Preach the Gospel?

Jesus Vindicated, Tim Keller

Is The World Really Flat? Al Mohler

What Do We Mean When We Confess Jesus to be the Son of God? D.A. Carson

A Biblical Theology of Revival, Tim Keller


  1. Tim Bloedow June 7, 2013 at 12:54 pm #

    Austin, what exactly is The Gospel Coalition? I’ve seen lots of their articles in the last couple of years – whether linked to here or by reformed Facebook Friends. There’s been some good and worthwhile stuff there, though not everything.

    I’ve been bouncing around the conference lectures as a result of your post here, listening to a variety of stuff, and many people I’ve never heard of. I have found it to be a real mixed back. Sure doesn’t look like much Presbyterian representation. And just taking one area of theology – the ecclesiology represented in the various lectures is all over the place… Wow… TGC seems loosely reformed, but I’m not sure whether the emphasis should be on reformed or on loosely.

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