This Country Song Life

Had some of those days of late

  That sound like a country song.

You know the kind I mean when

  Everything goes all wrong?

The concrete block we was a-holdin’

  My son dropped on the count of two.

So I danced around like a charismatic

  While my fingernail turned all blue.

Pesky squirrel knocked down my feeder again

  So I took aim right at his head;

His chortle and the dripping water told me

  I’d hit my garden hose instead.

Was diggin’ out for my woman those

  Overgrown bushes in the yard,

When the handle of my favorite shovel broke

  ‘Cause I pushed down way too hard.

“Typical York luck!” is what

  Mama taught me to holler.

But now, by God’s good grace,

  Them words I try to swaller.

And instead of fussin’ and fumin’

  And gettin’ all jittery with my nerves,

I just try and remember that

  I’m still doing better than I deserve.

Besides, my finger’s no longer a-throbbing,

  And duct tape kinda fixed the hose.

Yep, I did lose a shovel I’ll miss but

  My wife’s still pretty as a rose.

Now, I ain’t written no tune for you

  To sing with me this country song.

But figured a knowin’ nod would be

  ‘Nuff for you to sing along.

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  1. Phil Pockras June 11, 2014 at 6:22 pm #

    I can just imagine ol’ Stringbean clawhammerin’ along on his banjo with this. 😉

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