Forgiving Others

When you’re hurt by someone- really wounded- you’re forced to think through the matter of forgiveness afresh. This has been the case in my own life. How ought one to forgive? What if the person is unrepentant? Can you forgive someone if they don’t ask for it? Should forgiveness erase all of the consequences?

These are the kinds of questions that naturally arise.

I found great help in the following message by John Piper. Not only did it bring new clarity to the issue, but it proved to be something of a healing salve to my soul.

Perhaps you could use a good reminder as well? Maybe you’re struggling with the logistics of forgiveness?

Carve out 30 minutes and give it a listen.

You can find it here.



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  1. James Scott Berry August 6, 2014 at 3:56 am #

    I would love to have a friendly debate about Biblical forgiveness. I may be an impassioned debater, but I am always willing to listen and to be wrong!
    If we truly understood Jesus teachings on forgiveness, we would realize why Jesus never says to forgive your unrepentant enemy or any unrepentant abusers. He says to love them and sometimes love has to say, “You need to repent” or, “you need to leave” or “You need to go to jail.” If you do not know what Teshuva is, how Jesus teaches teshuva, or the differences in aphiemi/forgiveness and charizomai/forgiveness, then I can guarantee that you, along with almost every church leader and counselor, have no idea what Jesus was talking about when he taught forgiveness.Anger and bitterness is never about forgiveness, it is about finding meekness, humility, and God’s love. If you cannot separate the true concepts of love and forgiveness, you might consider taking the Exam and the T-F Test on my website. test at and perhaps go to a seminar!

    Some simple Yes No questions are below.

    Thanks for taking the time to look at this.

    James Scott Berry

    What Do You Know About Love and Forgiveness?
    20 Yes/No Questions Concerning Forgiveness

    1. Can you clearly identify how to overcome anger and bitterness Biblically apart from forgiveness?
    2. Can you explain how mourning and meekness are Bible methods of overcoming anger and bitterness?
    3. Can you explain the Biblical differences between grieving and mourning?
    4. When counseling others, do you know how to explain the Biblical differences between love and forgiveness?
    5. Did you know how to explain why Jesus never says to “Forgive your enemy?”
    6. Can you explain why Jesus did not forgive the Roman soldiers on the cross and He did not invite them to paradise, but he prayed for them, yet Jesus forgave a thief of his sin and invited him to paradise, but did NOT pray for him?
    7. Can you explain why most Jews do not like Christian forgiveness?
    8. Can you explain what method Jesus, Paul and the Jewish people use to overcome anger and bitterness without forgiveness?
    9. Do you know how to explain the Jewish laws of teshuva and why they are the foundations to Jesus’ teachings on forgiveness?
    10. Do you know how teshuva encompasses the day of Yom Kippur?
    11. Did you know that Jesus teaches basic teshuva principles in his stories and parables?
    12. Did you know that Jesus directly addresses all four rabbinical laws of teshuva in Matthew 18?
    13. Can you explain why Peter’s question and Jesus’ answer about forgiving seventy times seven can only be about forgiving those offenders who are repenting?
    14. Do you know how to distinguish between the two types of New Testament forgiveness: aphiemi and charizomai?
    15. Can you explain why Jesus and Paul do not use the same word for forgiveness and why these words cannot be interchanged?
    16. Can you explain why the Bible uses one word for forgiving egregious offenses and another word for forgiving non-egregious offenses?
    17. Do you know how to counsel others to respond Biblically to either egregious or non-egregious offenses?
    18. Did you know that Jesus never used our main definition of forgiveness?
    19. Do you know the definition of forgiveness that Jesus used?
    20. Can you explain why forgiveness and reconciliation are never separated in the Bible?

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