Browse Worthy: Clear Thinking on Recent Islamic Activities

From the Charlie Hebdo attack to Duke University now sounding forth the azan, an Islamic call to prayer, on Fridays, we are being confronted more and more with the need to think clearly about the Muslim world.  Here are some helps.

Theological Extremism in a Secular Age – In this post, Al Mohler shows through the American press’ coverage and editorials on the attack in Paris how unprepared the Western world is to deal with the worldview promoted by Islam. Though I have a point of disagreement about his teaching on a Christian view of blasphemy of the Triune God, this article helps clear the fogginess.

No, We Are Not Charlie Hebdo – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative explains why we should stop and think before we start chanting with the mob.

Who are Nigeria’s Boko Haram Islamists? – The BBC has this in-depth report about this cultic group that is destroying and murdering Christians in Nigeria.  Here also is satellite imagery of the most recent devastation.  One could ask why the American media does not cover this greater atrocity with the same fervor it has the Charlie Hebdo attack, but to raise it is to answer it.

End the Muslim Prayer Call at Duke University – One has to admire Franklin Graham’s courage to go to the media and speak directly against these actions while at the same time declaring Christ is Lord.

If we ever needed to be praying for our leaders, now is the time.  James’ article yesterday was such a strong encouragement to that end.  In addition, we need to strengthen our own prayers in this regard.  For an example of this, look at A Simple Way to Pray.  In this short work written to his barber, Martin Luther shows how to use the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments, and the Apostle’s Creed to pray directly and powerfully.  We do not hear prayers like these nowadays, but we need to.  (Note: The use of the term “Turk” is not an ethnic slur, but a sixteenth century term for a Muslim.)

Then repeat one part or as much as you wish, perhaps the first petition: “Hallowed be thy name,” and say: “Yes, Lord God, dear Father, hallowed be thy name, both in us and throughout the whole world. Destroy and root out the abominations, idolatry, and heresy of the Turk, the pope, and all false teachers and fanatics who wrongly use thy name and in scandalous ways take it in vain and horribly blaspheme it. They insistently boast that they teach thy word and the laws of the church, though they really use the devil’s deceit and trickery in thy name to wretchedly seduce many poor souls throughout the world, even killing and shedding much innocent blood, and in such persecution they believe that they render thee a divine service.

Dear Lord God, convert and restrain. Convert those who are still to be converted that they with us and we with them may hallow and praise thy name, both with true and pure doctrine and with a good and holy life. Restrain those who are unwilling to be converted so that they be forced to cease from misusing, defiling, and dishonoring thy holy name and from misleading the poor people. Amen.”


  1. Phil Pockras January 15, 2015 at 11:32 am #

    Luther’s prayer is a great one. Judy got me a copy of _Luther’s Prayers_, published by Augsburg, and the one you quoted above is in it. Luther was wonderful in his prayer life. The one you cited, Barry, is like to that which I’ve often prayed silently, privately, and publicly — that Mohammedanism would be destroyed, but by conversion of Mohammedans by the hundreds of millions. That it would be destroyed overwhelmingly by the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, wielded on the offense, and only minimally the sword of steel wielded defensively.

    • Barry York January 15, 2015 at 2:05 pm #

      Amen, Phil!


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    […] Destroy and root out the abominations, idolatry, and heresy of the Turk (Note: As I mentioned in a previous post, this was a sixteenth century term for the Muslim), the pope, and all false teachers and fanatics […]

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