Browse Worthy: Living as a Believer

We can always use help living as faithful saints in the kingdom of God.  Here are five well-written posts to encourage you.

Live Close to the Embers – From the life of Job, Pastor Reymond gently urges us never to stray far from the altar God has provided.

Church Splits – They happen too frequently, so listen to some sound and sobering advice on responding to them by Tom Ascol over at TableTalk.

The Simple Beauty of “By God’s Grace” – A sweet little article by Tim Challies on this oft-used phrase that might just put a new perspective on your day.

How to Profit from False Prophets – In his ongoing series on Joel Osteen’s heretical work Your Best Life Now, David Murray reminds us of how God uses false teachers in ways that actually benefit the church.

The “Plus One” Approach to Church – If you are feeling disconnected from others in your congregation, let Kevin DeYoung coach you on the next step to take.


  1. Tim February 5, 2015 at 8:33 am #

    David Murray’s first point: “by helping us discover the questions people are asking” and “by highlighting where the church has been silent” re. how to profit from false prophets are points I have felt challenged about recently, and maybe to one degree or another for much longer. That spirit has impacted some comments I’ve made here and there at church and on Facebook re. what I think sound like self-righteous and sanctimonious criticism of many others of people like Doug Phillips and Mark Driscoll – and Osteen, etc. Too often I get the feeling that such comments fall on deaf ears because too many seem to like their self-righteousness and sanctimonious attitudes and don’t know how to converse around the kind of profits proposed by Murray! Lord, deliver us from our smug self-righteousness so that we don’t become like the people we criticize, even when they are legitimate objects of criticism.

  2. Tim February 5, 2015 at 8:36 am #

    I should have said David Murray’s first and third points (didn’t finish proof-reading after amending my comment).

  3. Tim February 5, 2015 at 8:58 am #

    I suppose I should also clarify that I don’t think Driscoll and Phillips are false prophets, but I’m widening the application to include others whose actions and/or teaching have been damaging in the Church, and who have also been objects of much criticism, often by people who don’t put up anything constructive as alternatives for those who they think were misguided in their interest in such leaders.

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