Browse Worthy: Is the Tide Turning on Planned Parenthood?

When the first of the videos exposing Planned Parenthood came out, I stated that the mainstream media was not giving this issue much notice.  I now gladly recant of that opinion.  As the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) continues to unveil other videos, each one more telling of the awful practices of the abortion industry than the previous one, the major networks are now having to cover it.

We need to use this opportunity to continue to press the wickedness of murdering the unborn deeper into the consciences of our fellow citizens.  Doing so will not be easy, for too many care more for an accidentally killed lion than a wrongly butchered baby.  Yet we need to be informed by watching videos such as these below, praying for God to awaken consciences, and being prepared to speak to others.  As we do, let us remember to do so humbly as Rosaria Butterfield reminds us in this post.


The second CMP video showing a Planned Parenthood executive discussing pricing:

Fox News report on the third video:

The third CMP video showing workers inside a Planned Parenthood clinic negotiating prices:

Brit Hume’s commentary on Fox News was piercing:

I conclude with George Stephanopoulos’ interview of Planned Parenthood’s President Cecile Richards. Though it is on ABC News and acknowledges the videos, it shows what we are still up against.  Notice how Richards uses repeated, chilling lies as she seeks to cast Planned Parenthood as a compassionate, non-profiting company (Note: She reportedly makes over $500K per year). The doublespeak continues.



  1. Jeff Kessler July 30, 2015 at 10:16 pm #

    Nothing I’m about to say should be seen as a ringing endorsement of the GOP. Far too often they say the right thing, but do little or nothing. The spinelessness of the modern Republican Party at the national level is fast becoming legendary in an infamous sort of way.

    However, with that said, it seems now is the time for pro life Christians to be blunt about the modern Democratic Party. PP has no greater friend or defender. Cecile Richards, the current PP president, is a former Democrat insider and her mother, Anne Richards, was the last Dem governor of TX. Her husband is a higher up within the SEIU. The connection between this Union and the Democrat Party is obvious once one pays just a little attention to the political scene.

    At least three current high ranking Democrat politicians have given recent speeches at PP national conventions. They would include Hillery Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Barak Obama. Clinton and Pelosi received the national PP Margaret Sanger award.

    Since 1973 and Roe, a Dem president has never failed to nominate solidly pro abortion and pro Roe judges to the Supreme Court. Conversely, Dem senators on the judicial committee and as part of the entire senate have never failed to oppose GOP nominees who might even hint at being in favor of overturning Roe.

    It was once said the Bill Clinton administration was the most pro abortion administration in our nation’s history. That lasted until the Obama administration arrived in DC.

    Currently, there is a house bill to discontinue tax dollars going to PP (sadly, not up for vote until after the August recess). There are 150 co-sponsors. One is a Dem.

    We must continue to beat the drum about the evil of PP, but isn’t it time to expose their greatest supporter?

    David French, of National Review, recently suggested pro life conservatives ask a simple question of members of Congress who claim to stand with them: “Are you as dedicated to life as the Democratic Party is to death?”

    • Barry York August 1, 2015 at 12:00 pm #


      Yes, speaking of party organizations and not necessarily individual candidates, though clearly the GOP has failed its constituents repeatedly on this issue, as you indicate all anyone needs to do is go to the Democratic Party Platform on Abortion to see its wholesale endorsement of this evil practice.

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