Browse Worthy: The Drumbeat Continues Against PP

Now the fifth video by the Center for Medical Progress has come out, and it just adds to the incriminating case against Planned Parenthood as whole body fetus sales are coldly discussed (Note: YouTube has added a content warning to this video.)

Planned Parenthood: 4 Ways to Respond – Tim Challies discusses these videos and offers what the title states.  He also re-posted the following slideshow that will help you learn to make what is known as the SLED pro-life argument, a simple way to use comparative analogies to show the illogical ethics of abortion supporters.

Pro-Lifers Are Today’s Abolitionists – This article at The Federalist reminds us of the history of William Wilberforce’s long-term battle to end the institution of slavery in Great Britain and its similarities with the fight against the abortion industry today.

Planned Parenthood: Our Wilberforce Moment – In light of the videos, Joel Howerton offers ten reasons to support the above comparison.  The best line from this article are these words:

Abortion is the evil reverse-image of the gospel. Instead of “I’ll die for you“, it says, “You die for me.

Weighing in on Planned Parenthood – Over at 3GT, Austin, Kyle, and I discuss the question, “Are these Planned Parenthood videos our ‘Wilberforce Moment’?”


  1. Jonathan August 8, 2015 at 5:35 pm #

    Thanks for posting this Barry. It’s important to continue drawing attention to the issue.

    I would add one more thing. We Christians are good at praying about abortion, and giving money to the pro-life cause, which are wonderful, useful things to do, but I think it is time for us to take another step. Because we are Christians, we’re used to praying, so it isn’t hard to add abortion to the list. And because we’re Americans, we often have the financial ability to give. So these two things *can* be the “easiest” things for us to do.

    What is often harder to give is time. Take the time to go down to your local abortion clinic on a killing day. Go down to the gates of hell, and intercede with parents taking their children to their deaths. You don’t need to be skilled. You just need to be there, and call out. Offer hope and help to women in difficult circumstances, and plead for the life of their baby, and watch God do amazing things.

    • Barry York August 10, 2015 at 8:49 am #

      Thank you, Jonathan, and Amen!

  2. ian August 13, 2015 at 10:12 am #

    I believe God will start to hear our prayers about the abortion issue when we as Christians start really trusting God and stop using contraception. It is basically an issue of ‘I know better than God my creator what is best for me’ and this is never true. If you can trust God for your salvation surely you can trust Him in all areas of your life.

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