Browse Worthy: Relationships

Several helpful articles on relating to others.

Pushing Back the Darkness – Kara Dedert at En Route continues to share heart lessons the Lord has taught their family in having a child severely affected by a virus during her pregnancy.

Loneliness as Deadly as Lack of Exercise – David Murray demonstrates statistically what the title asserts then offers positive encouragements as well.

Burning and Yearning – Tim Challies makes the helpful and heart-searching distinction between pure and sinful sexual desires in this article. “Burning is desire perverted and unrestrained. Yearning is desire surrendered.”

Before You Read Another Book on Marriage – More good advice from Mr. Challies on how to approach the plethora of marital books out there in a strategic way.

Across the Race Divide – Kevin DeYoung has written a lengthy piece reviewing and interacting with David Kennedy’s insightful book Don’t Shoot: One Man, A Street Fellowship, and the End of Violence in Inner-City America.

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