3GT Episode 44: Flippin’ the Pulpit?

Last episode the 3GTers talked about flipping the classroom. But the pulpit? With all the technology that makes available famous preachers’ sermons, why not just stay home and listen to them rather than your local (and, let’s admit it, less gifted) pastor? Then maybe just come together and discuss the celeb’s homily? And, if not that, why not at least spice up your pastor’s message with some drama, video clips, and sound effects?

Join the pastor, parishioner, and prof as they have a rollicking discussion about the dynamic of worship, the place of the local church, and the Spirit’s special use of the foolishness of gospel preaching by your minister each Lord’s Day morning!


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  1. Andrew Kerr July 12, 2017 at 12:31 pm #

    Hi Cliff

    Not really up to speed yet on this conversation, but the Ephesians 4 text is not a straightforward as many assume, and historically commentators, of some note, are divided on how we should take it. One thing is pretty sure in my mind – that ‘train’ or ‘equip’ is a translation equivalent which prejudices the question – even if that is what we might, having looked at all the other contextual and canonical factors, eventually arrive at. At this point, I’m not commenting either way on the rest of your query.
    Blessings brothers.

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