Funerals are for the Living

Attending my elderly neighbor’s funeral yesterday, the Lord impressed upon me again something I have been thinking about lately. As others have noted, funerals are really for the living, not the dead.

Certainly funerals, by their very nature, remember the dead. Yet the purpose of a Christian funeral is to give place for those still living and who are connected to the deceased to do the remembering, to grieve, and to hear the hope of the gospel. Thankfully, the funeral I attended yesterday did just that.

Providentially, the Lord prepared me beforehand to attend the funeral. Pastor Ed Blackwood, Director of Admissions and Student Services at RPTS, preached a wonderful chapel message yesterday morning on Abraham’s burial of his wife Sarah. The Lord used Ed’s Biblical insights and pastoral experience in a great way with students and faculty alike. Watch this brief message below for encouragement on how we should think about life, death, and funerals.

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  1. Joe October 13, 2017 at 11:17 am #

    Death has been experienced by humanity since Man & Woman, the 2 expressions of the One God. Joshua (Yeshua) experienced death while with those who loved him to the end. He comforted them while seeking reassurance from the Life he followed on earth- be not afraid, having seen the Son they were to believe with understanding they had seen the Father of the Son of Man.
    We enter our vehicle of death not sure if we are even going to die- let alone KNOWING we followed who lead the Way! Yeshua embraced death so completely that he was willing to fulfill the Father’s Law for our understanding. There are even more insights to the Son’s death that we who believe can learn to help us as we learn that this life was our opprotunity to Reject Satan’s world and live in expectsncy of His World.

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