3GT Episode 62: The Sanctification Scene

With the Christian blogosphere aflame once again, this time with discussions regarding justification and sanctification, the 3GT men join in the fray. With Aaron pumping the questions, and Kyle and Barry responding energetically, they discuss current controversies then tackle the latter subject of sanctification. Minus a morose morbidity, they meditate on mortification while with vim and vigor they verify their views on vivification!

Well, just listen to the podcast. This episode and subject is much clearer than what you just read!


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  1. William Duncan December 7, 2017 at 5:49 am #

    Thanks for bringing this topic to light. Although, I’m always confounded when Reformed Presbyterians are surprised by what supposed “Reformed” Baptists say. Their view of the bilateral nature of Covenant Theology causes difficulty with the sovereign work of salvation. When I hear something like “final salvation” I don’t first think of the Federal Visionist “final justification” but rather the Popish soteriology of good works and judgement. If we do this, God will do that. I love to listen to John Piper as a preacher but his theology is not good for those who are seeking to maintain the doctrines of our Reformed Presbyterian fathers. Just saying!

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