Austin Brown

Austin Brown is the father of two spunky boys and a dimpled daughter and is married to his High School sweetheart, Rebekah.  A letter carrier by profession, Austin enjoys listening to a wide variety of lectures and podcasts while delivering the mail.  His wife, a home school teacher, loves fixing up homes and spending time outdoors.  Austin is a member of the PCA, and besides studying theology and writing, he enjoys few things more than a good online PC game.

Thus far he has finished writing two books.  In many ways, they couldn’t be more different.  If you’re looking for a humorous, quirky, fun read, check out Walking With The Mailman.  For a serious look into the fall of Satan and how God has been pleased to refute and combat sin in an ironic fashion, check out Satan’s Awful Idea: A Biblical Theology of Satan’s Fall and its Implications on the Unfolding Human Drama.

For a free PDF copy of the latter, click on the image below:










  1. DuWayne Lee July 28, 2015 at 10:59 pm #

    Mr. Brown.
    In an article that your wrote , August 25, 2011 you made reference to a 13 part series on Roman Catholic Theology by Robert Strimple. Can you tell me how I might access those lectures. Thank you. DuWayne Lee

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