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Gentle Answers #2: How Fast?

Short and sweet, here’s the next question:

Is it a sin to go 66mph in a 65mph zone?

(I hope you’ll join in the conversation! And remember to keep submitting your questions.)


Rich Holdeman responds:



Barry York responds:

Yes, but it is a far greater sin to keep the speed limit and believe yourself superior to those who do not or, dare I say, to swerve to miss the gnat hitting the windshield only to run into a camel.


James Faris responds:

Is it a sin to go one mile-per-hour over the speed limit? Not if you a first responder such as a police officer! But, what about the rest of us? God has given the state real authority. The state must establish certain laws beyond the specific direction of Scripture for safety, just as parents do for their children. These laws should be obeyed as part of our obedience to God, insofar as the do not require us to sin (Romans 13:5).

We must also understand how the law functions. Jesus showed the Pharisees in Matthew 12:11 that they did understand how the law is to function based on what the Pharisees would do with one of their own sheep that fell into a pit on the […]

Gentle Answers: A New Feature

We’re excited today to announce a new feature here at Gentle Reformation: Gentle Answers! (See the form on the right hand column.)

The vision: At our high school and college conferences, one of the annual highlights is the question-and-answer panel of pastors. To hear several godly men discuss a question close to one’s heart is often a great encouragement as well as a great teaching opportunity. Given the great group of men brought together to author this blog, we see an opportunity to create a similar blessing to you, the readers.

How it works: Simply fill out the form in the right hand column. Your questions will be emailed to me (Jared) and then I’ll pick one at a time to distribute to all the gentlemen authors, asking them to supply fairly brief answers for the question. Once I receive back several answers on one topic, we’ll publish them together.

While this is not a new idea–many blogs have a “suggest a topic” feature–we see Gentle Reformation taking it a step further by making the answer a discussion among several authors, rather than just one man’s thoughts. And, of course, we’ll be excited for you to participate in the discussion as well.

So (drumroll, […]