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I remember the day in the 1990s I jumped online to browse seminary websites. It was a research project with profound consequence!

I was a teenager part way through Bible College. I was poor and desperately wanting to be married – so I was thinking hard about my professional future. I had some level of interest in pastoral ministry but also some big questions. That day I browsed the mission statements of Princeton and Yale  and others seminaries  looking for a clear statement of their institutional stance on the Bible. I was sorely disappointed. Lots of requests for money (no tuitions rates) but nothing (that I found) clearly presented what these institutions believed about the Book of books!

Summer Beauty

Funny how memories can be triggered by an object that in one minute can take you back thirty years.  We are enjoying a week at beautiful Lake Michigan at my wife’s parents, spending time on the beach and in the water.  We love to play on what we call “buns” – five-by-five foot, three inch thick pieces of sturdy foam pads.  Actually defective scrap pieces, the  buns came from the factory that my father managed until his death twenty-four summers ago.  They can hold several people at once, and yesterday Spencer, Celia and I had a great time playing King of the Bun as we tried to knock each other off in the water.  Of course, I had a distinct weight advantage and, while laying there on my stomach laughing as the kids tried to dump me, a memory transported me back in time.  I remembered trying unsuccessfully to do the same with my dad on a lake.  No matter how hard I tried to jump on top or push from below, he wouldn’t budge.  However, Spencer is smarter than I was at his age and he quickly brought me splashing and sputtering back to reality.


Ezra the Reformer

While James takes a look back at some of the gentle reformers of church history, like J.G. Vos, I thought I would reach back a bit further and look at some Old Testament examples of reform and reformers.  There are many such examples from which we can find great encouragement and instruction.  Today, we’ll take a brief look at Ezra and the heart of his ministry.