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After our President’s public affirmation of homosexual marriage and our recent posts about the general subject, here’s a helpful reminder from Kevin DeYoung about why Christian should continue to oppose gay marriage. Also, it may be helpful to read Andrew Sullivan’s post of support for the President’s announcement, if only to hear the hearts and feelings of those on the other side of this debate.


David Murray has been doing a lot of thinking and writing about the importance of our bodies (a good reminder that gnosticism is still stupid). Professor, if you’re reading this, be assured that I’m paying attention and wrestling with what you’re thinking. And I’ve been trying to walk the dog more. In no particular order, here are some of those posts:

–6 Ways to Avoid Burnout–an infographic
–Learning from the Wrecker’s Yard (…down here in Indiana we call it a junkyard)–a video of the author’s concerns, especially about those in ministry
–A Massage or a Message?–a response to this post from Scott Thomas, who may be over-prescribing spiritual solutions to physical problems


“Returning to church, despite my doubts” by Andrew Palpant Dilley–articles like this short memoir can be helpful to those who love the church, love people and can’t always […]

Weekly Picks

Turning the internet upside down and giving it a good shake…

Lakes and Oceans–Web-comic-supreme xkcd outdoes itself (himself?) with this infographic about the Lakes and Oceans. Take some time to peek around, be amazed, feel small and laugh at the hidden jokes.


CS Lewis’ self-forgetfulness–This quote about CS Lewis is from one of my favorite books, Alan Jacobs’ The Narnian. If you like Lewis at all or have ever wanted to take your summer vacation in Narnia, you should treat yourself to it.


5 Things You Should Know about Child Sex Offenders–No, this isn’t fun at all. But this post is a must-read for every pastor, elder and parent. Especially frightening is the truth that churches are often targeted because of the trusting community we promote. A question for discussion: how do we faithfully protect the church family without losing trust and grace, without diving headlong into cynicism?


66-Volume Collection!–Again from our friend Adam Kuehner is this pithy reminder about the great privilege we have in reading and meditating on God’s Word. In a day and age when puritan collections and ebooks have made so many good reads available so easily, we do well to give ourselves to God’s Word first and foremost.


Wendell Kimbrough, […]

Weekly Picks

Finding the sweet-cheese filling in the cannoli that is the internet…


“More Love to Thee, O Christ” — Says Kevin DeYoung, “We are all natural evangelists for the people and things we love most.” Therefore, the root of poor (or nonexistent) evangelism is a lack of love for Jesus. The best thing we can do to grow as evangelists? Love Jesus more–what a joyful mission!


“When Wives Say No” — How to teach and hold and obey authority while recognizing the sinfulness of those in authority? Wives (and anyone under authority) need to learn when and how to say “no”. Here is balanced help from Doug Wilson.


Tebow, Texas & Easter — Celebration Church in Georgetown, TX, will be having Tim Tebow deliver the Easter message on Sunday. What really stood out to me was this from the pastor about Easter: “Obviously it’s our Super Bowl…” Like, “You know that really huge thing you guys have some Sunday in February? We have something big, too! Really!”


“Death, thou shalt die” — Illness and death seem closer to me than in the past. This longer quote from David Murray is a refreshing meditation on the power of Christ over death…not just his own, but mine […]