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Kyle’s Mea Culpa

Readers of Gentle Reformation,

With the fear that this may be read as a bit of shameless self-promotion I want to respond to some criticism I have received over a previous article: “Tebow’s Mea ‘Culpo.’” That criticism has focused on two things I wrote in the article and has been offered with varying degrees of charity. The first was a concern over my comment regarding the Lord’s Day. A second concern, and the one that is the incentive for what I now write, has to do with the historical accuracy of news reports relating to Tim Tebow’s relationship with Olivia Culpo. A widely cited article originally appearing on TMZ claims that the two met at church, hung out with a group of friends, and were never involved in a relationship. As a result, a few have suggested to me that some of the critique I offered was not in accord with the facts.

First, let me offer thanks to those of you motivated by the noble desire for truth who graciously contacted me. I think it was John Owen who once said something to the effect that those who write subject themselves to the gauntlet and they must be content to bear […]