Mistakes in Church Planting – Darrin Patrick

At this year’s Sovereign Grace church planting conference (Plant and Build), I expected to most enjoy Mark Dever’s or C. J. Mahaney’s talks.  In all honesty, that’s what initially drew me to the conference.  But while their messages were solid, I must say that I was especially appreciative of Darrin Patrick’s.

I’ve never heard Pastor Darrin speak before.  Actually, I hadn’t even heard of him.  But I’m happy to report that it was a great delight to listen to him.  It wasn’t his oratory skills that struck me, which, don’t me wrong, are perfectly fine, rather it was the content of his message that most impressed me.

Seeing Christ in All of Scriptures

Following my post of yesterday, the video below was brought to my attention.   As well as thanking God for His Son’s revelation, you have to admire this young man’s memory work and passion.  (However, having said that, in this litigious age please note the following disclaimer:  The views of worship and ordination reflected in this video do not reflect the views of  the management of this blog nor is it to be seen as an endorsement thereof.)

Seeing Christ in the Old Testament

In the Old Testament Class I teach for our academy, my students were given the assignment this quarter of memorizing a verse from each of the thirty-nine Old Testament books.  The verses were chosen not because they are necessarily the key verse of the book (though they may be), but rather because the verse either explicitly or typically reflects the revelation of Christ in the Law and the Prophets.  I used a variety of notes, resources, and lists I found to compose the chart below.  I share it with you for reference, comment, improvement, and even as an encouragement to pray for my students who have a final over it tomorrow!

Undesigned Coincidences – Tim McGrew

In Matthew 8:16 we read the following: “That evening they brought to him
many who were oppressed by demons, and he cast out the spirits with a word and healed all who were sick.”

If we were to read this passage in isolation from the other Gospels, the term
“evening” would appear to be nothing more than an incidental fact.  It was
evening when the sick were brought to Jesus.  Simple as that.

But when we look at the parallel passage in Mark 1:21-32, we receive an
interesting little tidbit that sheds light on why they came in the evening.


When the Lord chooses to keep putting before me a matter again and again in different ways in a short period of time, it usually takes me several knocks up side the head but then I realize I best pay attention.  Consider these “random” events of the past few days.  After a while, even I could connect the dots.  The picture they drew looks too much like the one to the left.

Two Reviews (Not Peace… Sorry, Dr. Volf)

Allah: A Christian Response – Dr. Miroslav Volf

After listening to Dr. Miroslav Volf’s recent lecture at Wheaton, “Allah:  A Christian Response,” I must say that I’m still waiting for the Christian part of the response.

What can I say?  This was real head slapper.  In a nutshell, he argues that Muslims worship the same God as Christians.  Now even if we grant that this is so, which I do not believe is the case (nor do most Muslims for that matter), one wants to ask Dr. Volf what difference it makes since Muslims are trusting in another gospel.

I mean really, why stress the point of supposed commonality if you’re going to turn right around and say, “Oh, by the way, Mohammad was a false teacher.”  All the “common ground” quickly goes out the window.

Scattered Seeds

My neighbor said it’s because I’m getting old, but despite the persecution I keep filling my bird feeders and enjoying watching the visitors coming to our tree.  Yesterday I saw four rose-breasted grosbeaks at once, a bird I had never seen before.  Rather than feeling old, I acted like a little kid excitedly telling others about their yellowish beaks, the red triangle on their chest, and the white patches on their wings that create a circular pattern when you see them flying from behind.  They are migrating north for the summer so I may not get to see them for very long.  In the Scriptures, birds flocking to trees is a double-edged metaphor.  

Why does God let men preach?

This is the best and most useful exercise in humility, when (God) accustoms us to obey his Word, even though it be preached through men like us and sometimes even by those of lower worth than we. If he spoke from heaven, it would not be surprising if his sacred oracles were to be reverently received without delay by the ears and minds of all. For who would not dread the presence of His power? Who would not be stricken down at the sight of such great majesty? Who would not be confounded at such boundless splendor? But when a puny man risen from the dust speaks in God’s name, at this point we best evidence our piety and obedience toward God if we show ourselves teachable toward his minister, although he excels us in nothing.
–John Calvin (Institutes 4.3.1)