A Wave of Worship

Each Saturday at about noon here in the Western Hemisphere, a great drama begins to unfold. At that time, the sun begins to rise in the Pacific islands on a new day of worship for the Christian church.

As we labor and play here in America on Saturday, saints rise from their beds in the Pacific islands, in New Zealand, and then Australia, and Japan to bear witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ as they respond to God’s call to worship on the first day of the week.

While the globe spins, this great wave of worship gathers strength as God’s people gather to confess their sins corporately and be assured of God’s forgiveness in Korea, in the Philippines, and Indonesia.

As the sun’s rays stretch into Southeast Asia, China, Mongolia and Siberia, some cry out from prisons, while others sing quietly in apartments so as to be heard by one another and God only.

Across India and all of the “stans” some gather in fear of persecution, others form groups of two or three, and others gather in great assemblies to declare that death has been conquered and that Jesus reigns today and forever.

About this time, we in the Western Hemisphere must […]

3GT Episode 37: Poor Memories

No, the 3GTers are not discussing getting old! Rather, they reflect on the Biblical duty to remember the poor.

Kyle starts off with the Apostle James’ admonition not to show partiality in the church. Barry shares the story of his friend Thomas (pictured) who recently died, and the other men tell of their experiences as well. Aaron makes sure terms are defined about who is lowly or needy. The Guys discuss how easy it is to forget the very ones God tells us to remember. Practical ways for the church to honor the lowly are offered. Creating poor memories is the way to overcome our poor memories!

No sponsor this week. Rather, we encourage you to remember a work of charity and give generously to it!



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A Tale of Two Men with ALS

Two men with bright minds, one known as Stephen and another as Steven, have ALS.

The Stephen with ALS is none other than Stephen Hawking, the brilliant physicist and Director of the Centre of Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge.

       Photo courtesy of Anna Dinkledine

The Steven with ALS is Steve Miller, a pastor and missionary who served in both the Orthodox Presbyterian and Reformed Presbyterian Churches.

A brief study of their lives is one of remarkable similarities and contrasts.


Stephen Hawking has one of the rare cases of ALS. He was diagnosed early in his life with this disease, at the age of 21 in 1963. The doctors at the time only gave him two years to live. Yet he has lived with it for over five decades and, incredibly, is still alive at the age of 75. Though severely crippled for much of that time, spending it in his signature wheelchair, he has been amazingly productive in lecturing and writing books. Today he can only communicate and write by twitching a cheek muscle that controls a computer specially wired to capture his movements.  Hawking had a movie, The Theory of Everything, made about his remarkable life.

Steve Miller enjoyed an […]

Strangers in Saunas – Update 2

Just back from my Monday lunchtime swim at the gym – thought it might be good to pass on some more information.

Up to 60 lengths today – please don’t get visions of a Bluefin Tuna gliding effortlessly from end to end. My aquatics are more akin to that of the Humpback Whale!

The main thing learnt today in the Steam Room was God’s sovereignty over circumstances.

After entering and sitting I tried to start the conversation with a middle-aged guy in the corner by saying: ‘They could do with a light in here!’ I’ve often thought that to myself, so it seemed a reasonable introduction. Well, to my surprise there was no response at all. Just long silence for the next 5 minutes.

My next attempt was more fruitful: ‘The weather’s great, isn’t it?’ Now it just happens to have been the driest April on record in Northern Ireland. Yesterday also just happened to be a real ‘blue-sky belter-of-a-day’ (sorry if these colloquialisms seem strange across the pond!).

Suddenly the stranger perked up – it seems I’d struck the conversation-opener jackpot. ‘Yeh!’ he agreed. ‘Spent the whole day up the Mournes!’ (our local mountain range and of Don McLean fame).

‘Climbing were you?’ I inquired […]

Browse Worthy: When a Pastor Falls

David Murray at HeadHeartHand blog tackles a topic that is becoming all too common – the fall of a pastor. As Kyle indicated, this tragic situation often leaves a congregation devastated and disillusioned, his family ashamed and uncertain, and the world often mocking and laughing. So it is vital to treat this problem in a biblical manner. David offers the following three posts that contain wise, practical counsel on this matter, with the third post a guest one that focuses more on the preventative side of the issue.

Repairing the Damage after a Pastor Falls | David Murray
13 Truths for the Congregation of a Fallen Pastor | David Murray
The Most Common Reasons Pastors Fall | Tom Parr

And just in case you are not quite certain what to do with that book on your shelf that you have from an unfaithful minister, here is another link.

What Should We Do with Books by Fallen Leaders? | Tim Challies

Hurtful Sheep and Bullied Shepherds

The final “Amen” was given and my friend descended the pulpit and took his usual place at the back door. As people filed by shaking his hand one particular member of the congregation approached him. Foregoing any and all pleasantries he immediately began to humiliatingly pick apart the message that had only ended minutes before. Overwhelmed by the onslaught my friend had no idea what to say or do. Thankfully, an older gentleman who was visiting–actually a retired pastor–overheard the harangue and interrupted: “What do you think you’re doing?” The man replied with all seriousness: “I have the spiritual gift of nitpicking and it’s my job to humble the preacher.” Defensively, the retired pastor fired back: “That’s nothing but spiritual bullying and it’s absolutely unacceptable!”

The relationship between a pastor and the people is one that should be grounded in every Christian grace but also crowned, in a special way, with joy and love. The Apostle Paul shows his pastoral heart to the church in Corinth when he said: “And I wrote as I did, so that when I came I might not suffer pain from those who should have made me rejoice, for I felt sure of all of you, […]

“Nevertheless” – A Pattern of Tragedy

It is a true tragedy when a great life is marred by a glaring failure, when accomplishments are marked by an *asterisk, when every great memory is followed by the ominous “Nevertheless.” Lives that begin well but end poorly are much harder to comprehend than those that are wicked from front to back.

Such were the lives of some of the kings of Judah. Between the thoroughly wicked reigns of Ahaziah and Ahaz we find four of these tragedies. 

3GT Episode 36: The Shadow Shows

Can you see Christ portrayed in the Book of Job? If so, how? The shadow shows!

The Three Guys welcome C.J. Williams, Professor of Old Testament Studies at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, as they discuss his new book The Shadow of Christ in the Book of Job. As they sit at the good doctor’s feet and discuss the story of Job, they are reminded of what proper typology is and how to avoid merely allegorizing. They learn of the “Messianic Trajectory” set by this story. They hear of amazing similarities between Job and another shadowy Old Testament figure. And they hear what Aaron has in common with Job’s friends!

Our thanks to Wipf and Stock Publishers for sponsoring this episode! Listen to find an easy way you can win a free copy of Dr. Williams’ book! Go here to purchase additional copies.



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Is it Possible that God is Actually a Terrible Demon Tricking Us?

Or it is at all possible that we are living in the Matrix?  Or are a brain in a vat?  Be honest!  Is it at all possible?

In this second video (do watch the first if you missed it), I tackle this thorny problem.  Having wrestled with this subject for well over a decade, I do not approach this as a dispassionate Christian.  There are profound implications hiding behind this issue.  So put on your thinking cap and dive on in.





Advice to Young Adults Living at Home

Once again the York household has a week of flux upon us. My middle daughter, who graduated from college last year and has been living with us as she works toward going to physician’s assistant school, is heading out of country today for a few weeks. Tomorrow Papa, my father-in-law who has been with us for a week or so, will head back to Michigan. Later this week, my youngest son will finish his sophomore year of college and be home for the summer. At some point his girlfriend will be staying with us for a few days. At the end of the week, my wife and daughter will receive dear friends from out-of-state then leave for a trip the next day. I wrote this down just now so I could keep track of what all is happening!

I also share it with you to give some credence to what I am about to write. For I would like to offer some advice to young adults living at home, be they students returning for the summer, graduates who have come back to the nest for a while, or those in their twenties who have never left. Having my own adult children […]