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Easy Lies to Believe

A few days ago, our Sunday school lesson was centered on the first chapter of the Westminster Confession and its emphasis on the necessity of Scripture. In discussing how wonderfully God provided for our need to be certain about Him and about salvation, we also spoke about how often we feel certain but we shouldn’t. Along those lines, I’d like to take a stab at naming and disarming several lies often spoken to us through social media, especially in understanding the world around us. In naming these lies, I’m not necessarily advocating giving up on #facetagramsnaptweeting, but encouraging us to wise, careful and limited use.

The Best Post Ever!! It Will Have You in Tears!! Of Joy!! And Mourning!!

A little while ago, I began noticing facebook links with a similar pattern:

“The Cutest Kittens Ever! #3 Will Leave You Smiling for Days!”

“You Won’t Believe These Sunrises! #20 Made Me Cry!”

“This three year old is the funniest dancer ever!!”

And so on. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why these things bothered me so much; I just knew they did. My only rebuttal was simply not clicking on the links. Until now. 

Virtual Orphans

The sight is as common as it is heartbreaking.  Parents arrive at a play area in the mall, a McDonald’s Playland, or a park.  The kids in tow are eager to run and jump and laugh, and their parents are eager to ignore them.  As the children play with each other, the parents play with their smartphones.   

GenRef Update

Gentle Reformation is still in its first year as a multi-author blog dedicated to “speaking the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in its many applications through the media of the internet in a style that is pastoral and persuasive rather than polemical and pejorative.”  We are grateful and humbled by those who faithfully read GenRef, our fellow like-hearted bloggers who have encouraged us, and the steady increase of interest we have seen.  Though we rarely use the blog to talk about the blog, preferring instead to focus on content, I wanted to update our readers on a few matters and ask for your help in an area or two.


We want to welcome a new “GenRef Gent” as Pastor Rut Etheridge has joined as one of our contributors!  You can read a short bio on Rut here and enjoy his first contribution here.  Rut’s sharp mind, kind spirit, and engaging writing style made him a great addition to Gentle Reformation, so we are glad he’s on board with us.  He is beginning a series on Calvinism that I am looking forward to reading as Rut will present it with the winsomeness the doctrines of grace deserve.