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The Last Letter of a Godly Grandfather

Recently my wife’s parents moved out of their home of many years.  In sorting through their files, they came across the typewritten, hand-edited letter in the picture.  This letter was from Miriam’s grandfather, Lubertus “Bert” Hoeksema, who intended them to read it on the day of his funeral.  He went to be with the Lord in 1990, and it is clear from the dates these thoughts were on his mind for many years.  

Reading it made me thankful for the godly family into which I married, and for the faith and prayers of this humble laborer that span generations of time.  I reproduce it here with only slight edits.  


To my dear beloved Children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren,

What thoughts went through your minds today when you have viewed my earthly remains for the last time?  My last prayer in your behalf has been offered.  May they follow you to the end of your days is my last and earnest prayer.  I dearly loved and thanked God for each one of you and so did mother.  My GREATEST REGRET is that I did not display or reveal it more (Eph. 6:4).  Mother’s prayers have followed us, I know. (Heb. 11:4b; Mark 14:8a; Phil. 4:19)  My parting advice is: meditate […]