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Ecclesiology and Womanhood by Rebecca VanDoodewaard

The following article is a guest post by Rebecca VanDoodewaard, author of Uprooted: A Guide for Homesick Christians, Your Future ‘Other Half’: It Matters Whom You Marry, and Reformation Women: Sixteenth-Century Figures Who Shaped Christianity’s Rebirth. 


I love your Kingdom, Lord! The house of your abode; the Church our blest Redeemer saved with his own precious blood! For her my tears shall fall; for her my prayers ascend; for her my cares and toils be given ‘till toils and cares shall end.

Our culture tells women that we are to pursue our dreams, our goals, our careers. In the church, that’s more sanctified: we pursue our ministries, our spiritual vision, our goals.

But Scripture tells us something else. Individualism is antithetical to Christian living. And in the many discussions about biblical womanhood, I think that one essential principle is missing: Christian women are to be devoted to the Body of Christ. Because Jesus loved the Church and was willing to die for her, Christlikeness means a similar, sacrificial commitment to the church visible, particularly the local expression of which we are a part. Jesus was incarnated, lived a perfect life, paid the full penalty of sin, and died in service to the church. […]

Post Tenebras Lux: Celebrating 500 Years of Luther’s Influence

The Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in cooperation with the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals annually hosts the Westminster Conference that kicks off the school year in early September. Given next month’s upcoming 500th anniversary of Luther’s posting of his 95 Theses, our theme this year was on the life of Luther and the legacy he has left. Post Tenebras Lux (“After Darkness, Light”) became a motto of the Protestant Reformation. The conference sought to highlight the transformation that took place as the Lord used Luther’s pioneering efforts.

Held this past weekend on September 8-9th, the chapel at RPTS was filled as Bill VanDoodewaard, Professor of Church History at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, with his wife Rebecca joined along with the faculty at RPTS to give the talks listed below. I have given a one-sentence description of each lecture.

The Lord’s Spirit was with us, as he knit the talks together to complement one another, brought new insights to many of us of Luther’s teaching as well as his and Katie’s life together, and gave those attending an eagerness to learn and discuss the material. If you would like to order the audio, please click this link.

William VanDoodewaard | If Ever a Monk Got to Heaven by His […]

What’s a Hurting Wife To Do?

Following Rebecca VanDoodewaard’s article “A High View of Marriage Includes Divorce” here on Gentle Reformation, and with the internet abuzz with Australian reporter Julia Baird’s hit piece on the church regarding abuse that has produced such responses as “An Open Letter to Husbands Who Abuse Their Wives” at TGC, a question has been raised. What is the proper response of a Christian wife who finds herself facing a sexually immoral or abusive husband?

Though the types of situations a wife may encounter can vary greatly, meaning there is no simple blanket answer to this question, certain Biblical principles and options can be pursued. My wife, Miriam, helped me to write this post as we reflected on our experiences in pastoral ministry that, sadly, included too many wives dealing with this issue.


What is a Christian wife to do when she discovers explicit texts from another woman on her husband’s phone? When she is shocked by an explosion of anger that creates a bleeding heart or even a bruised body? When she walks in the room unexpectedly and finds her husband watching pornographic videos?

Each of these scenarios can have quite a range of involvement and intensity, and thus influence how a wife […]


Having moved eight months ago (Can it be that long?), our family has dealt with many changes.  As I have chronicled before (here, here, here, and here), everything seems like it has been in transition.  Home, job, school, church, children’s marriages, and parental death are some of the major changes we have gone through.  

However, it is not the big changes that trip you up as much as the thousand, smaller ones.  Where do we keep the tape now?  When the car tire needs repair, where do we go?  What was the name of that family we just met in church?  Is there a post office nearby?  Where did I put that book?  Why did they not collect the recycling this week?  How long have we known about this school activity tonight?  What is this light switch for?  Where does Mom put this pan?  How do we get to that town from here on these curvy roads? (Oh, for the straight roads of Indiana!  North, south, east, and west mean little in hilly Western Pennsylvania.  One of the main roads I travel to Pittsburgh on says “East” though more than twenty miles of it is running “South.”  Likewise, from the north where I live […]

Uprooted: Interview with Rebecca VanDoodewaard

Rebecca VanDoodewaard is the the author of the new book Uprooted: A Guide for Homesick Christians. She is the wife of Bill, Professor of Church History at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, and mother of three.  Bill and Rebecca blog together at The Christian Pundit.

Uprooted is loaded with practical, spiritual advice on how to handle moving and the life changes it brings.  Rebecca was gracious to answer the following questions to introduce you to the book.  My wife and I have been encouraged by the book as we prepare to be uprooted ourselves next year, so I wanted to draw it to others’ attention.  But beyond that, as part of Bill & Rebecca’s journey led them to worship and live near us for three years, they are dear friends and I can attest to the reality in their lives of the godly faith encouraged in this book.


You explain in the opening pages of the book the life factors that caused you to have to deal with homesickness and led to the writing of Uprooted.  Could you share with our readers here a few of those?

My own homesickness drove me to dig into Scripture and the lives of saints from history who […]

Church Architecture

Rebecca VanDoodewaard at The Christian Pundit has been doing an insightful series on the architecture of churches, especially their sanctuaries.  She shows how the architecture reflects the theological viewpoints of the congregations as they worship. I highly recommend them.

The next time you visit a church, or even worship in your own sanctuary, play a little Sherlock Holmes.  Take a few moments and look at the structure of the sanctuary in light of these insights.  You may be able to tell more about the congregation than you realized.

Here are five articles with their themes:

Ecclesiastical Architecture 1 (An Overview)

Ecclesiastical Architecture 2 (The Pulpit)

Ecclesiastical Architecture 3 (The Communion  Table)

Ecclesiastical Architecture 4 (The Baptismal Font)

Ecclesiastical Architecture 5 (Choir Loft & Instruments)