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A Simple Plan for Congregational Scripture Memory

As our family was gathered over the holidays, one of the subjects of conversation that arose was our children expressing thankfulness for the Scripture memory program they had growing up. As their pastor-dad, it filled my heart with joy.

When I was a fledgling church planter with a number of young children, we began with a typical memory system for our Sunday school program. Each children’s class had their own weekly memory verses that fit with their lessons. Our kids would then come home from church with these little slips of paper with the reference and the verse. The parents were encouraged to review these with the children during family worship. After a period of frustration caused by losing the pieces of papers, having two to four different verses because of our different-aged kids, no continuity in the verses memorized each week, adults not memorizing verses, etc., we decided another approach needed to be taken.

So we implemented a new program that my children were discussing this past week. The chief features of this comprehensive yet simple plan were as follows:

Memorize chapters of the Bible rather than just isolated verses.
Choose key chapters of the Bible to highlight different doctrines (creation, God’s sovereignty, […]