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A Time to Speak: The Conclusion of a Series on Emergence Christianity

Note:  As Gentle Reformation made the switch to its new format, the first three blogs in this series were lost.  Many thanks to The Aquila Report for keeping them online!  Here are links to  articles one  two and three   Below is the conclusion…better late than never, I hope! 

Though it feels like months have passed, it has only been a few days since you learned of your friend’s “Emergent” faith.  And yet these days have been packed with weeks’ worth of concern for him.  Your recent talk with your eccentric, eager-to-help professor was helpful, and you were especially strengthened by the prayer and Scriptural study which filled many sleepless hours since you saw your friend mark up his copy of the Apostle’s Creed with asterisks.

You’ve called your friend to invite him over, telling him that it’s cheaper to burn coffee at your place than to have it done professionally at the local shop.  As you wait for him, your thoughts turn again to the implications of his recasting of the Christian faith.

Given Emergent Theology’s (hereafter, ET) intentionally loose grip on biblical doctrine, you did some research on what its advocates deem distinctively Christian about the movement and how it interacts […]

A Worship Revolution

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The worship of the Triune God is not like hair. Or ice cream.

That’s why my brain circuitry fries (and sometimes my eyes roll) when worship discussions devolve into arguments about ‘preferred style’ or ‘taste.’ The first two Commandments flit through my head as I hear fiery rhetoric pitting ‘contemporary’ worship against the ‘more traditional’ kind. And my stomach knots because – once again – we’re arguing from tradition (what fulfills us) rather than mission (our calling to glorify God in all we do) by embracing what God commands. We were taught to ask the wrong questions about God’s worship.

But I think a worship revolution is underway.

There’s a young, restless, and Reformed generation embracing “Sola Scriptura” – God’s Law and Gospel writ large. This generation of ‘New Calvinists’ is embracing the Biblical wisdom of the Puritans, the Reformers, and the Church Fathers. And some of them are listening as these Biblical expositors of old make the case that love for God translates into loyalty to him – and his specific commands about worship. A remarkable number – compelled by the […]

Psalm 119 and Sola Scriptura

     The most obvious feature of Psalm 119 is its size.  It is the undisputed giant of the Psalter, consisting of 176 verses.  Throughout its great length it maintains a laser beam focus on a single subject – the Word of God.  Every verse contains some reference to God’s written revelation, and every verse highlights some quality of it, e.g. its power, perfection, value, benefits, etc.  This massive psalm pounds home the point that God’s Word is a work of perfection, and that it is a powerful means of grace in the believer’s life.

     Now, we may be quick to presume that the ancient church was primarily focused upon, and defined by, the ceremonial aspects of the law and the unique form of worship that was practiced before the advent of Christ.  The temple, the sacrifices and the liturgical calendar certainly formed a big part of their covenant life, but consider this fact:

     When the psalmist, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, thought to write about that which built his faith and blessed his life, that which moved his soul and uplifted his mind, that which directed his steps and drew him closer to the Lord; when he thought […]