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3GT Episode 48: Small Town Ministry

You got it – we’ve finally given Kyle his own episode! After we have fun learning more about Winchester, Kansas, we dig into his recent article in Tabletalk on rural ministry. We discuss counterbalancing the current rush to church plant, being more like Jesus and the apostles who preached in towns and villages, the wonderful blessings of doing so, and some of the unique challenges faced in ministering in rural areas. It leads us to the obvious question: Is Kyle the next Tim Keller of the small town? You be the judge!

Listen along and you’ll probably start singing, “Give me a Sunday morning that’s full of grace/A simple life and I’ll be okay/Here in small town U-S-A.”



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Referenced Article:

“The Need for Rural Ministry“, Tabletalk | Kyle Borg

The Poetic Life of the Christian – Part 3

We come now to the third and last post on the poetic life of the Christian.

As stated in the first post on this subject, the lives of believers are to be poetic in the sense they should be ones of contemplation, for we are  people of the Scriptures.  Recently in an interview in Tabletalk magazine,  John Piper said:

The fact that hundreds of the pages of God’s inspired Word are devoted to poetry makes me aware that God thinks the sound of language matters…It is self-evident to me that poetry is not meant to be speed-read, but ordinarily read aloud.  So now I see that God has forced me to hear.  He has forced a slow savoring of the way things are written to be heard as well as seen.

Not only does Piper speak of contemplation, but of how “the sound of language matters” and that we should enjoy a “slow savoring” of the Bible’s poetry.  In other words, poetry by nature has a beauty as we discussed in the second post, and our lives as redeemed by the Savior should be purveyors of the beauty and laughter of redemption to the world.

However, one other vital aspect of poetry, that mirrors the believer’s life, […]