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With Him by Ken G. Smith

At the end of last week, I had the privilege of visiting with Ken Smith. Ken was my pastor when I was in seminary years ago. His Spirit-filled preaching, the warm hospitality he and Floy always gave us, and Friday morning prayer times with him and a few other men were just some of the ways he ministered to me during those years. I learned so much from him then, and now that I am back in the Pittsburgh area he has again been a rich source of encouragement to me. So I have not only heard him teach, but experienced him practicing, the truth contained in the title of his new book With Him.

This short volume on this simple yet profound principal of discipleship is chocked full with insights into Jesus’ way of working with men. As the Scriptures tell us, our Lord chose his disciples to be “with him” (Mark 3:14). Ken demonstrates from Christ’s life that the most powerful way of developing another is to take him or her with you as you minister and live. He also develops how other key biblical figures practiced the with him principal, backs it up with the teaching of others, and shares wonderful anecdotes […]

Discipleship in Jesus’ Style

The following is a guest post from Ken Smith. Ken is a retired RPCNA minister, former missionary, and perhaps is best known as the pastor whom the Lord used to bring Rosaria Butterfield to faith. Ken was my pastor during my days as a seminary student at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and I witnessed and experienced him practicing the lessons below. Now that I am back at RPTS, he is still encouraging me in this area. 

Though a longer post, you will profit greatly from a key principle in discipleship as Ken shares about the “with Him” principle.


I was slow in “catching on.”  I was a young pastor in a small denomination that had been shrinking in size for over fifty years when I was ordained.  Through the grace of God and in His timing I became exposed to how to help a new believer in Christ grow and mature… and reproduce!  As I learned later through my own research that this all takes place as a result of our union with Christ and our personally abiding in Him (cf. John 15), I became excited to see our congregation incorporate these things into their church life.

Now it was a traditional […]