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Reformation Society of Men

Last night, June 7th, the first Reformation Society of Men's meeting in Kokomo was held in the Fellowship Hall of the Sycamore RPC. We had 17 men in attendance. The men were told that these type of meetings were held during the time of the Reformation, and in recent years, primarily through the ministry of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, Reformation Societies have been popping up around the nation. One of the strongest of these is located in Indianapolis which our "grandmother" congregation of Second RPC has been fundamental in founding and supporting. Our "mother" congregation in Lafayette was also instrumental in beginning one in their city two years ago. Good fruit has been developing from these ministries as a result.

The RSM here is slightly different in that it was designed to help us meet a need that exists in our own congregation of discipling the men. Thus, we are focusing currently on developing our men's ability to hear the Lord speaking to them through the studied and preached Word of God from our worship the Lord's Day prior to the meeting, as well as building mentoring and accountability relationships. We pray, however, that others will be led to join us eventually. The format we followed was:

  1. Historical Explanation of Exercises and Society Meetings by Jason Camery
  2. Our "Exercises" - Reciting our Scripture Memory Passage & Singing the Psalm of the Quarter
  3. First Presentation on the Study of Genesis 5:1-24 by Yours Truly
  4. Second Presentation by Jason Camery
  5. Question and Answer Period
  6. Accountability Groups where the Men Asked Each Other:
  • What is one key application from our sermon and study you are making?
  • What is one area you can use prayer in?
  • What is one way that I can encourage you in your faithfulness?
  1. Regathering for Closing Singing of Psalm 90C and Prayer
    The night was a great success and immensely encouraging. The highlights:
  • The presence of many new and young believers wanting to grow and have mentoring relationships with other men.
  • A vanload of men from Marion making the commitment to be there despite the distance.
  • Men seeing how God speaks to us from the Scriptures, even from what some call the "Obituary Section" of the Bible.
  • Easy and open flow of conversation in the accountability groups spread around the Fellowship Hall and adjacent rooms.
  • Bob McKissick having a birthday, which had us end our meeting with one of the most manly renditions of the Happy Birthday song I have heard in a long time, and being topped off by strawberry shortcake and ice cream prepared by Sharon.

Bob, let's just declare it's your birthday every time we meet. That way, we get Sharon's dessert and you might reach Methuselah's age!

Barry York

Barry York

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