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Covenanter Young Adults

Many blogging thoughts, but little blogging time these past few weeks.

Our congregation had the privilege of hosting over 100 college students and young working adults for worship and lunch this past weekend who were attending a Covenanter Young Adult (C'YA) conference nearby. Seeing the sanctuary filled with all those eager faces, hearing the praise of God harmonized in joyful song, and celebrating new members and a baptism were truly delightful. Our ladies made feeding 200 plus look easy with all their careful planning and hard work behind the scenes, and the fellowship that occurred over the tables was that taste of heaven you always pray that the Lord's Day will be. The Lord was in our midst.

Pastor Harry Metzger spoke on Developing a Heart for the Lost, and from what I heard and continue to hear the young people were greatly warmed by the messages. Harry's recent heart attack made his tender heart even more so, as the obvious concern God has given him to bring the gospel to unbelievers was poured out through the teachings, stories and tears he shared. His final challenge for the young people to pray and then work toward seeing God use them to win another to Christ this year was met with enthusiasm. May the Lord pour out fully His spirit on these gifted and serious-minded young people, and may the earth be shaken and souls be harvested as a result.

On a tangential note, with the Lord's bringing to our own congregation more college students, and two of my own children among them, I continue to think through education and the spiritual training and support of our covenant young adults. This article by Charles Murray is noteworthy, as it reminds us that there are worthy callings that do not require college degrees. The church and its families need to remember each young adult is unique in his or her gifts and calling. The "one-size-fits-all" stress in our culture for everyone to have a college education could be damaging to those who believe God is leading them in a different direction.

With this in mind, I noticed quite a number there this weekend who were not in college. So let's keep remembering that the C in C'YA is for Covenanter, not college, and rejoice in the variety of ways, be it in a vocation or at a university, that these young people will be sharing Christ this year.

Barry York

Barry York

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