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Prayer as a Way of Walking in Love: A Personal Journey – Francis Chan

Pastor John Piper said that Francis Chan’s message at the 2010 National Conference was probably one of the most listened to talks in Desiring God Conference history.

That’s remarkable.  In some ways this surprises me.  But in other ways, it doesn’t at all.

There will no doubt be some who feel this is a bad thing, as Francis Chan doesn’t adequately measure up to their standards of Reformed purity.  The popularity, they will suppose, stems from the ever increasing downgrading of Evangelicalism.

But I, for one, very much like him.


He’s humble, transparent and child-like in his faith, which isn’t at all meant to be a put down.  Child-like faith is a glorious thing.  And I cannot help but thirst for more of it, when I listen to Pastor Chan.

The message is on prayer.  It is a personal and convicting and joyous exploration of prayer in the life of a Christian.  Francis Chan will certainly make some of us uncomfortable, due to his slightly touchy-feely personality-  uhg, no wait.  That’s not the right way to put it.  What is he?  Emotional and vulnerable.  That’s probably better.  So yes, Francis Chan’s message has a lot of feeling in it.  I’ve wondered in the past if some of it is put on, but I don’t think so.  I think it’s really him.  And that makes it good.  It’s fresh and honest.

**Difficulty: **Easy

Must Listen Factor: High to Must Listen.

Length: 1 hour and ten minutes.

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