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What I’m about to say isn’t hyperbolic:

I appreciated every single sentence uttered by Pastor Mark Garcia in this Christ the Center interview.

As someone who has been following the Federal Vision and New Perspective(s) on Paul controversies for some time now, I’ve listened to my fair share discussions.  Like that old Clint Eastwood flick, most could be labeled as either being good, bad or ugly.  And unfortunately, there’s been a lot of ugly.

But let me tell ya, Pastor Garcia ain’t ugly.  In fact, his handling of these issues as a Reformed theologian is second to none.  The tone is irenic.  His demeanor is amiable.  His emotions are held in check.  His words are constructive and precise.  His criticisms are balanced.  And his cautions to the Reformed community are dead on.  It is a model worth emulating.  So take note, all ye Reformed thinkers.  If you are at all interested in the current justification landscape, be sure to get your hands on this excellent podcast.

Difficulty: Advanced.  There’s a lot of roast beef here.  Topped with thick cheese.  So unless you’ve acquainted with the issues, it’s probably best to steer clear.  Here’s a quick test.  Have you ever written the letters FV or NPP in an email or blog post?  If not, then this interview might prove a bit confusing.

Must Listen Factor: So yeah, if you’ve written FV or NPP in an email or blog post, then this is probably a must listen.

Length: About an hour.

To Download: Left click picture.  Note the download link to the right of audio.