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The Impudence of Men and the Hiddenness of God – A Thought

I have long wondered why atheists continue to brazenly demand a showing of God.  If they knew what they were doing, or if they had slightest inkling of the utter audacity of it all, they would realize the sheer folly of the demand and immediately desist.  But they do not.

The demand to see God usually occurs during a debate, and typically towards the end.  The atheist, with an air of elite confidence, will say something like the following:

“If God is truly real, then why doesn’t He simply show up?  Why doesn’t He come down here right now, make this podium float and twirl in the air and tell me that I’m wrong?  If He would do that, I would believe.  He wants me to believe, right?  He wants it badly, no?  So why not simply prove He’s there?  A simple miracle will do.”

Nearly every morning, just before heading out to my route to begin delivering the mail, I stop in at Hardees to grab a quick bite to eat.  I’m tanking up for the morning’s work.  I’ve been doing this for years now.  And during these many years, I’ve sat near the same people.  Not quite with them, but near them.  Certainly within ear shot.  This group of mostly disheveled men- some of which are unemployed or nearly unemployed- love to pontificate upon the world’s problems.  With the confidence of Harvard professors, some of these men critique every imaginable issue and “solve” every problem, in no less than 3 minutes.  They blast the President, rail against city officials, untie the knots of world conflict, sketch out military strategies, and counsel God- and all with the grand assurance that they’re right.  Certainty, mind you.

Sitting there, I often silently shake my head.  These men think they’ve got it all figured out.  But if anything is evident, it is that they do not have everything figured out. Very little, actually.  But while reclining in their chairs, coffee in hand, they believe their circle of wisdom is needed.  Bush or Obama needs them.  Generals need them.  Mayors need them.  They would love to gain an audience with such individuals.  But can you imagine the President of the United States taking them seriously?  I mean he might, if put in the situation, put on a friendly air for the sake of onlookers, but he wouldn’t feel at all obliged to meet them in their coffee house.  The very thought of the president taking them seriously makes us chuckle.  In fact, the impudence is embarrassing.

I trust you can tell where I’m going.  God is infinitely greater than all the kings of the earth put together.  Can you imagine the Creator looking down at the atheist and feeling compelled to capitulate to such proud demands?  I mean if the God of the universe is really as the Bible describes Him, if men are but grasshoppers- No!  More than that!  Treasonous grasshoppers- then can the demands of atheists be at all taken seriously?  Logic says no.  Actually, God’s not showing up is merciful.

Take it a step further.  Nearly everyone wants God to show up in a way that suits them.  So if God showed up for the atheist, other atheists would want a personal showing.  And then others would demand a similar sign.  Basically, billions of people (along with their future generations) would be expecting God to be a lap dog.  But He is no lap dog.  He is a lion.

The Bible has already addressed this issue.  Think of Job.  God did show up for Job.  But he was quickly reduced to nothingness.  And this event has been recorded for future demanders.

There is also the continual thirst for signs.  How many signs did Jesus give, and yet people would still not believe?  Evidence isn’t definitive.  The heart is crucial.  As one man has said, “To explain truth to him who loves it not is to give more plentiful material for misinterpretation.”

Sometime read John 2:23-25 and 1 Corinthians 1:18-24.  The Bible provides the answer.

Lastly, let us not forget that Satan saw more than we can imagine, but rebelled.  So even if God showed up and made the podium twirl, it wouldn’t end the debate.  God’s character would be called into question.  His ways would be challenged.  Basically, the atheist would just continue reading the rest of his script, but with a few minor adjustments.  They would admit that God exists, but still maintain that He can’t be trusted.

So listen, atheists.  Present your arguments, but lose this one.  For if the God of Abraham is really the great I Am, then the nature of the situation is such that He wouldn’t stoop down to your demands.  It is illogical to think otherwise.