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The King's Speech

_The King’s Speech _has just been released on DVD. This is one of those rare films that both tells a great story and promotes a noble message.

Though the film’s plot is based on King George VI’s struggle to overcome speaking difficulties, the film is actually a story about friendship. There have been a number of movies about friendship coming out of Hollywood, lately. It seems producers recognize that films about friendship touch a cord with many in our society, as loneliness is so pervasive. The King’s Speech is one of the best recent productions on this theme, and it is definitely worth seeing.

I wrote a review of the film, here, after it first came out in the theaters. It is certainly not a perfect film, and the barrage of crude language at points is its greatest flaw (and the reason it has an R rating). I don’t commend the film uncritically (see my full review for relevant critiques). But despite its shortcomings, The King’s Speech is a great film about friendship and worth seeing.