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Is Anything Worth Believing? - John Lennox

The latest issue of_ Scientific America_ headlines:

The Physics of Intelligence

Evolution has packed 100-billion neurons into our three-pound brain
Can we get any smarter?

If we believe that chance exquisitely laced these neurons together, then I sure hope so.


Speaking of science, it’s popular these days to talk about the incompatibility of science and religion.  I hear it all the time.  But imagine Adam being told by God to subdue and exercise dominion over the earth.  Wanting to obey his Maker, Adam immediately begins working on the various sciences- detailing material properties, figuring out chemical reactions and what not.  After a couple days of research, he stumbles upon a helpful formula.  Can you imagine him looking up from his research and exclaiming, “Aha!  I’ve unearthed a great scientific discovery!  Oh, wait!  Oh, no...  That means God doesn’t exist!!!”

Wouldn’t his conclusion be absurd?

But is it any different for us these many eons later?

Today I listened to a message by Professor John Lennox, entitled, “Is Anything Worth Believing In?”  If ever there’s a man that speaks like Ravi Zacharius, it’s got to be this guy.  He sounds a lot like him, which of course is meant as a compliment.

While the message touched on a number of issues, the central thrust focused on the so called problem of science and faith.  It was a fun listen.  Very engaging.  Helpful at many points.  There are a couple small glitches here and there, but on the whole, I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture.  So if you’d like to hang out with a thoughtful and interesting speaker for an hour and half, this would be worth your time.

Must Listen Factor: Moderate

Difficulty: Moderate to High

Length: 90 minutes

To Download: Click Picture.  Sign up if necessary and download the audio.