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Mmmm, Smells Great!

Our children often exclaim “It smells like Grandma’s!” when we walk through the door of our home after morning worship with the people of God. The aroma of slow cooked meat, potatoes, and vegetable wafts through the door evokes warm memories and brings a smile to every face. It is amazing to see how, in almost any circumstance, the whiff of great-smelling food transforms attitudes and even behaviors of those hoping to partake of its pleasure.

Isaiah 11:2 describes Jesus as the Spirit-endued incarnate Savior, and verse three goes on to say of Christ: “His delight shall be in the fear of the LORD.” The word “delight” literally means “smell.” Jesus responds to the notion of fearing God like one who has just breathed in the aroma of lunch on the Lord’s Day - he loves it, and his life and behavior are utterly conformed to it. Though this Hebrew word translated “delight” is rarely used in this sense elsewhere in the Bible, the concept of Jesus delight in the law of the Lord pervades the Scripture (e.g. Psalm 1:2, Psalm 40:8, John 4:34).

We have a Savior who delighted to obey, and our salvation hangs on his obedience! His righteousness is now ours by imputation through faith in Christ. We have also been given the same Holy Spirit so that we too might breath in and savor the fear of the LORD. May it be that as we hear the word of God, the fear of God would fill our nostrils, overwhelm our senses with delight, and transform our lives.

James Faris

James Faris

Child of God. Husband to Elizabeth. Father of six. Pastor of Second Reformed Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ordained as a pastor in 2003.

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