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Advancing the Kingdom '140 Characters' at a Time

Last week I met a young man who said that he did not have Facebook because of theological and philosophical reasons. He did not get fully into all of the reasons, but he did say something that I have been thinking about from time to time this week.

“You cannot say everything that needs to be said in 140 characters.”

Okay, I will give him that. But one thing that we need to remember is that technological advancements have been at the center of biblical reformation. The invention of papyrus, paper, printing press, movable type, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, internet, blogs, and even Facebook/Twitter/Google+ can and have been used to advance the Kingdom of Christ.

So how should we respond to someone who says that you cannot say everything that needs to be said in 140 characters? I would  focus on two very different points when talking to someone who thinks along these lines:

**Y wud u evr say all that needs 2 B sed? A fool sez all his mind        Pr29 **

**Re4m8n wood not oKur if re4mers refusd 2 rite trax. Bks R importnt; but trax & treatisz were at the <3 of re4m. **

So that’s my two cents.... in 140 characters.

May God use technological advancements to proper the Kingdom of His Son.

Nathan Eshelman

Nathan Eshelman

Pastor in Orlando, studied at Puritan Reformed Theological & Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminaries. One of the chambermen on the podcast The Jerusalem Chamber. Married to Lydia with 5 children.

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