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Christus Victor – Sinclair Ferguson

I’ve been working on a book for about a year and a half now.  It’s a biblical theology on the fall of Satan.  I reflect on his awful idea and its implications on the unfolding human drama.  Naturally, I’ve been scouring the internet for audio lectures covering the subject.  To my surprise, little attention has been given to the issue, so far as serious treatments are concerned.  Basically, if someone wants to dig deeper, they’re going to have to look to older, printed works.  And even these are sparse.

Having said that, I recently stumbled upon a lecture by Sinclair Ferguson entitled Christus Victor.  It is a gem of a lecture.  I know of no better treatment of the subject, so far as audio is concerned.  He jams an incredible amount of careful reflection into the space of one hour’s time.

The only place where I might disagree is his understanding of Matthew 16:23.  I am not convinced that Satan was trying to deter Jesus from the cross, knowing that it would crush him.  My reasons are various and nuanced, so this isn’t the place to engage the problem.  But never mind the quibbling.  This is a wonderful lecture, and I heartily recommend it to you.

**Difficulty: **Moderate to Advanced

Must Listen Factor: For students, pastors, and teachers, I would say that it has a high must listen factor.

Length: One hour and some change.

To Download: Click picture.  This takes you to Westminster Theological Seminary.  You will need to login.  Once logged in, simply search for the title and download accordingly.

P.S. I've received news that the people over at Reformed Audio are looking to make Jonathan Edward's work A History of the Work of Redemption available for free on audio.  They are currently looking to raise support for the project.  If you're interested in helping them out, learn more here: Link