/ Gentle Reformation

Stephen Charnock- On the Power of God

"The power of God in creation requires not those degrees of admiration, as in redemption.  In creation, the world was erected from nothing; as there was nothing to act, so there was nothing to oppose; no victorious devil was in that to be subdued; no thundering law to be silenced; no death to be conquered; no transgression to be pardoned and rooted out; no hell to be shut; no ignominious death upon the cross to be suffered.  It had been, in the nature of the thing, an easier thing to Divine Power to have created a new world than repaired a broken, and purified a polluted one.  This is the most admirable work that ever God brought forth in the world, greater than all the marks of his power in the first creation."

The Existence and Attributes of God, On the Power of God, Volume 2, page 59.