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Proving once again that the internet does not belong to Satan.

These series of posts by Dr. David Murray, reviewing _Jesus Plus Nothing= Everything _by Tullian Tchividjian, aren't just a good book review, but seem to carefully walk a vital line between our justification and sanctification. Part one, part two, part three.

Following closely on those heels, here's a post from Dave Kraft on pursuing sanctification by working out our salvation. (Our session is currently reading Kraft's book _Leaders Who Last _and are enjoying it; I see it's only $1.99 for Kindle readers.)

How important is the virgin birth of Jesus? Al Mohler here deals well with the supreme importance of this doctrine and with those who would relegate it to a "pious myth" and evidence of Christianity's anti-intellectualism.

CCEF (Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation) is now publishing an online magazine. I haven't read the whole thing but am still glad to recommend it.

I'm not a math person myself (just ask the engineers in our congregation about my failed sermon illustrations!), but I might be if I knew people who were as excited about math as this gal. Her youtube channel is definitely worth your subscription.

Jared Olivetti

Jared Olivetti

I'm a pastor at Immanuel RPC in West Lafayette, Indiana. God has blessed me with a wonderful wife, six kids and a loving church family.

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