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For those of you who have been following Gentle Reformation for a while, you have probably noticed our new look.  It has taken some doing, and I want to thank Austin Brown especially for his work to get us up and running in this new format.  We hope our theme change has made the site, like the trees in the garden of Eden, more pleasant to the eye while still offering good food for the soul.   As relative newcomers who are technologically challenged, we are still learning the ropes of blogging.

One of the reasons we wanted to make the change was to get rid of the annoying and often inappropriate ads that appeared at the bottom of posts.  I thought we had succeeded in doing so.  Indeed, for some reason the browser I was using was not showing these ads.  Yet today to my surprise our friend David Murray at Head Heart Hand humorously pointed out that was not the case even as he sent more traffic our way.  Using another browser, I discovered he was right!  I felt like you do when you look in the mirror after being out in public and realize you have a piece of lettuce stuck on your front teeth.  Yet "better are the wounds of a friend..."  So I immediately bit the bullet and did another upgrade that promises to cure this, which it looks like it has.  Thanks for pointing this out, David, as well as for your encouragement.

One other update note.  We are also striving to get to the point where we are offering better edited, daily weekday posts.   Like our sanctification, this is taking greater effort and at times feels agonizingly slow.  Yet we trust we will get there.  Thanks to many of you who have encouraged us in this direction, for your prayers for us, for your comments and emails, and for your regular visits to GenRef.

Barry York

Barry York

Sinner by Nature - Saved by Grace. Husband of Miriam - Grateful for Privilege. Father of Six - Blessed by God. President of RPTS - Serve with Thankfulness. Author - Hitting the Marks.

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