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God, Manhood and Ministry: Building Men for the Body of Christ – Desiring God Conference

This year’s Desiring God Pastor’s Conference was excellent.  But while each of the speakers spoke with conviction and clarity and provided much edification, I especially enjoyed Pastor Douglas Wilson’s talks.  They were nothing short of profound.  Substantively speaking, they were like two large roast beef sandwiches coated with melted cheese.  In terms of delivery, boredom was made to cower in the corner.  And in terms of practicality, it was like a verbal tool belt.

Whatever one may think of Douglas Wilson, these messages are superb (I for one think he wears a white hat, past controversy notwithstanding).

Message one can be found here.  Message two here.

Now if those two messages are part of the main course, don’t forget to dish up some dessert.  And for that you should dive headlong into the two hour long exchange between Pastor Wilson and Pastor Piper.  Similarities and differences in their philosophy of ministry are explored, Christian Hedonism is plumbed, and the subject of pleasure is discussed at great length.  For audio scavengers, it doesn’t get much better than this.  Dive in.  You can find it here.

Must Listen Factor: These are for men.  And they are close to must listens.

Length: The two talks are around an hour.  The dialogue is around two hours.

Difficulty: Moderate to Advanced.