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In Honor of a Baby's Life

A young friend of Gentle Reformation, Angie Kim, has a blog of her own called The Teenage Life Club and just asked me if I would help her make a project known.  As explained more fully below, during the month of March Angie is networking to have a million letters sent to the White House and Supreme Court to ask them to work at overturning the Roe v. Wade decision.  You can read an interview with her here.

Providentially I also read Jared's post "On Losing a Baby" today.  Surely you were touched as I was, as Jared's words reminded us of how we can experience Christ in the midst of a sorrow such as this.  Not wanting to be insensitive, I just spoke to Jared over the phone and asked if it would be okay if on the same day of his post we pointed out Angie's project and even encouraged you to respond as a way of honoring their little one. Jared warmly agreed.

So I'm sending my letters out today.  Will you please join us?  So The Teenage Life Club can document the volume of letters, would you also take a moment upon sending your letters to take this quick survey?  Thank you!

The Teenage Life Club is hosting The 2012 Pro-Life Letter Campaign, and we need your help, participation, and prayer. We are a small, national group of six teenage girls in five different states. Our goal is to have 1 million letters sent to the White House and the Supreme Court during the month of March.  
**Why are we doing this and why should you participate?** Abortion has been in this country long enough, and The Teenage Life Club has decided to help bring it to an end. 1 million letters won’t stop abortion, but it will make an impact in the pro-life movement. As elections approach, we want to remind this nation that abortion is still present. It is deadly, it is wrong, and we still care.  
We need pro-life senators and Supreme Court justices, as well as an actively pro-life president. This campaign will remind people to vote for the pro-life candidates. It will also open an opportunity for people with pro-life views to become active and to make an impact.  
<address>_**The White House**_</address><address>_**1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW**_</address><address>_**Washington, DC 20500**_</address><address> </address><address>_**Supreme Court of the United States**_</address><address>_** One First Street N.E.  
Washington, DC 20543**_</address>  
**What can you write in a letter?** You can write anything that is pro-life. Basically, just ask the government to bring abortion to an end. Show them that you care. There is a Form Letter written by the president of The Teenage Life Club that you can find here: [www.theteenagelifeclub.blogspot.com](http://www.theteenagelifeclub.blogspot.com/).  
**Who can write a letter?** Anyone of any age living anywhere, and also you can send as many letters as you want. Just make sure that you let us know by taking this survey: [http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3N57QY5](http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3N57QY5).  
**How can you help beyond just writing letters?** Forward this email to all your friends and family. Ask your pastor to encourage his congregation to participate. Pray. Join our Facebook movement. If you’re interested in participating further than contact us at [contacttheteenagelifeclub@gmail.com](mailto:contacttheteenagelifeclub@gmail.com).  
I hope you can see the importance and urgency behind this campaign. It is time for abortion to stop, and it is time for every pro-life person to stand up together and fight against this injustice. Thank you and may God bring justice to the United States of America and to the world.  
Angela Kim  
President of The Teenage Life Club  
P.S (If you’re interested in keeping up with the campaign, check out our Facebook page or the blog ([www.theprolifeteen.blogspot.com](http://www.theprolifeteen.blogspot.com/)) where I update the happenings of this campaign daily)
Barry York

Barry York

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