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The Counsel of Peace

A few months ago my friend and fellow pastor, Jason Camery, traveled out at the invitation of another to meet with Congressman Dan Burton.  They met with Mr. Burton and addressed pro-life issues and legislation with him.  On the return flight home, he sat down next to a silver-haired gentleman and began a conversation, with Jason explaining what had brought him to Washington.  It turned out his seatmate was none other than David McIntosh, who at that time was Mr. Burton's chief opponent in this year's election!  Since that time Mr. Burton has retired and Jason has maintained a friendship with Mr. McIntosh.  When Jason told about his former work as a chaplain at our local rescue mission, Mr. McIntosh wanted to learn more.

Two weeks ago Mr. McIntosh visited Kokomo for the second time at Jason's invitation to learn more about the ministry of the Kokomo Rescue Mission.  One of our deacons, Ron Visser, along with other staff described how the Lord was working there as we toured the women's shelter.  It was a blessing to hear a candidate for public office respond positively and emphasize how the state and the church should  and could cooperate.  He also spoke of the necessity of civil and ecclesiastical bodies maintaining their own sphere of authority and responsibility while carefully respecting and honoring the other one.  He did this in a manner consistent with the Scriptures, which in the days of the Christ promise a "counsel of peace" between the two (See Zechariah 6:13).

Russ Pulliam attended this tour and you can click the link to read his report entitled "Unconventional Campaigning."

Barry York

Barry York

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