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A few great links about reading:

N. D. Wilson on The Hunger Games (thanks to Trevin Wax):

One fi

nal thought: never read or watch a story like a passive recipient, enjoying something in a visceral way and then retroactively trying to project deeper value or meaning onto the story you’ve already ingested. Such projections have been making authors and directors seem more intelligent than they are for decades. As you watch, as you read, shoulder your way into the creator’s chair. Don’t take the final product for granted, analyze the creator’s choices and cheerfully push them in new and different directions. As we do this, the clarity of our criticism will grow immensely. Which is to say, we’ll be suckered far less often than we currently are.
For anyone who's read the books (and for parents!), the whole essay is truly worthwhile reading.

Tim Challies' interview with Russell Moore about reading fiction & literature is enlightening and helpful.

Fiction can sometimes, like Nathan the prophet’s story of the ewe lamb, awaken parts of us that we have calloused over, due to ignorance or laziness or inattention or sin...Fiction helps the Christian to learn to speak in ways that can navigate between the boring abstract and the irrelevant mundane.

I recently read this review of Alan Jacobs' latest book and can't wait to read it. Anyone want to join me?

Jared Olivetti

Jared Olivetti

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