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Church Architecture

Rebecca VanDoodewaard at _The Christian Pundit _has been doing an insightful series on the architecture of churches, especially their sanctuaries.  She shows how the architecture reflects the theological viewpoints of the congregations as they worship. I highly recommend them.

The next time you visit a church, or even worship in your own sanctuary, play a little Sherlock Holmes.  Take a few moments and look at the structure of the sanctuary in light of these insights.  You may be able to tell more about the congregation than you realized.

Here are five articles with their themes:

Ecclesiastical Architecture 1 (An Overview)

Ecclesiastical Architecture 2 (The Pulpit)

Ecclesiastical Architecture 3 (The Communion  Table)

Ecclesiastical Architecture 4 (The Baptismal Font)

Ecclesiastical Architecture 5 (Choir Loft & Instruments)

Barry York

Barry York

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